Pleasant, uncomplicated. Despite my very short notice request, the test was arranged very quickly. Many thanks again for that.

Participant, Norwegian B2-test in Dortmund, 14.2.2021

I can only give positive feedback, the exam was fair, the atmosphere was pleasant but professional. Thank you again for the possibility to register at short notice!

Participant, Norwegian B2-test in Frankfurt, 7.3.2020

I attended the Danish exam in Berlin. I hardly felt any nervousness, not only because the examiner was really friendly, but also because I had had a few distance learning lessons via Skype with a very competent and experienced language teacher who had been recommended to me. I felt really well prepared as I had practiced all the parts with the teacher. However, the exam itself was a challenge, especially the reading comprehension. Writing was a pure pleasure, because the proposed topics were in my area of interest. The listening comprehension was surprisingly pleasant and relatively easy. As for the oral part – although my speech was recorded and the topics were not so easy, I did not get ‘stage fright’ and the discussion with the examiner went more or less smoothly and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Jakub Marczuk, Danish B2-test in Berlin, 17.12.2019

If I could give stars, I’d give 5 out of 5 stars. Registration and preparation [by the SkandCert office] was very uncomplicated. Despite my relatively late request regarding the exam date, I was able to take the exam. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the examiner who made this possible despite their private commitments. This was very important for me, as another, close-by date was not possible for me due to the time-consuming journey from Spitzbergen. The exam itself took place in a very relaxed atmosphere. The examiner was very friendly and encouraging, so that the nervousness quickly eased. I received the certificate very quickly, well before the indicated time of 2-3 weeks. Also issuing the certificate in Norwegian as well as the certification of the partial examinations were no problem. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this B1 exam!

Kristina, Norwegian B1-test in Hamburg, 8.3.2019

The organisational handling of the exam was very good. The examiner explained the procedure calmly and professionally, but also made it clear that the examination regulations are strictly followed. Assistance in the parts “reading comprehension”, “listening comprehension” and “writing” can therefore not be expected. Mrs. Ufermann has only given me assistance in the area of “speaking” to the extent that she has created a positive atmosphere in the discussion and has responded constructively and empathically to my explanations. This almost made me forget that I was in an exam. Overall, the exam was well organised, difficult in terms of content, but fair and to a certain extent even fun.

Michael Rebentisch, Norwegian B2-test in Frankfurt, 6.7.2018

The examiner led me through the examination with the greatest competence and also very warmly. I think she is really super! I found everything clear and very pleasant. During the exam itself, I found some copies to be visually not very professional, … The only criticism I had was that there was a choice between “True”, “Not True” and “Not in the text” in a reading comprehension task, which can naturally lead to difficulties in interpreting the last two … Apart from that, all tasks were clear, varying and good.

Participant, Norwegian B1-test in Frankfurt, 4.7.2018

The test went very well and also the whole procedure was great! Let’s see how I get on with the certificate now 🙂 If I need to extend the certificate further, I will definitely come back to you and will gladly recommend you to others!

Silke, Norwegian B1-test in Hamburg, 6.5.2018